Winterbey Berry

Winterbey Berry

Jayne travels to you for:

Riding Lessons

$50.00 per hour

Horse Training

$35.00 per session

TTEAM / TTouch Work

This is offered in the same way you would engage a chiropractor or massage therapist. There may be just one problem or a list we are working on. Initially there might be several appointments and then only as needed for maintenance or if something new comes up you want to work on.

After evaluating a horse I consider and choose what TTEAM work approach I think is most likely to be effective and make a plan with the owner for each individual horse.

Canada, 1999

Canada, 1999

  • Evaluation and first session $75.00
  • Follow up sessions $50.00
  • Body Work
  • Ground Work
  • Riding Work

This is for individual clients or set up as a clinic for a group at your barn.

Barn Clinics:
A day of doing individual session work at the same barn with the number of horses scheduled ahead of time. Travel fees split equally.



Workshops: Tellington Method
1 or 2 day for small groups (5-15) participants, who want to learn how to do tteam.
Ideal for Pony Club, 4-H, and adult groups.
Day fee plus expenses

Consulting: Telephone
Recommendations on riding, training, TTEAM.
By prepaid appointment

Farm Calls:
Design, management

Travel Fees:
Average local fee is $15.00. All other travel fees will be calculated on an individual basis, taking distance and time into consideration.

Training Board: available on a limited basis
Full monthly training board includes board for a month + 20 training sessions with Jayne. $600 plus board
Partial monthly training board includes board for a month + 12 training sessions with Jayne. $360 plus board

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